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Bosina Company is a Debt Collection Firm and a clearance option for more than 500 Clients. Our polite, persuasive, persistent and professional approach to debt collection produces better debt collection results than the traditional strong-arm tactics.

“No recovery- no payment”- the payment of the services is made only when the debt is recovered. We remove obstacles that stand between our client’s business and the money it is owed, and maximize collection of their outstanding debts through the following stages.

Soft Collection

Soft collection is the simplest and the most efficient way to recover an expired debt. The aim of soft collection is to evade collection through legal proceedings, which is disadvantageous for all parties involved, especially for the debtor.

Legal Action

Debt recovery through court action is the most efficient method when working with debtors, who will have no other choice but to repay the debt amicably.

Hard Collections

In case when debtor delays or refuses to execute court decision, we recommend opting for the support of BCL Collection professionals.

When was the last time you had to deal with a difficult customer?

It was probably an external customer but perhaps it was an internal customer, such as a member of your team, a colleague or even - your boss! I'm sure that you always want to provide exceptional service to both your internal and external customers. However, in the real world, things go wrong and mistakes are made.

These "customers" will often judge your level of service based on how you respond to there excuses for not committing to their promises. Here at Bosina, our Credit Advisers have been equiped with efficient training on how to deal with such customers on a professional level.

Is Performance Managment important to your customers?

Nowadays, a great significance is being given to Performance Management, as companies incorporate them in their effective management strategies. However, a lot of companies find this process too costly especialy for lenderers a complicated one, mostly because of the many tasks that it entails – on the organization, a specific department/branch, a product or service, and on employees, among others.

In order to minimize this confusion, here at Bosina, we focus on performing due diligent tasks a key priority so as to provide effective recovery procedures

Our Recovery procedures helps our clients focus on lending while we recover money lost from evasive parties for them. These procedures include but not limied to; Call Metrics, SMS Metrics, Visiting the customer and also inclusion of legal actions.


We offer cost-effective, efficient and ethical services. Our corporate culture is based on 4 core values:

Why choose us?

Our Call agents are trained to meet your deadline while also writting reports on time to convey the feedback they get from your customers.

Scheduled Outcome Reports

With us, we never keep you guessing. We provide weekly/monthly reports on how each of your accounts are performing

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Effective Call/SMS campaigns

Our operations team always has active running campaigns to engage promising accounts as well as scheduling smses to impact those ringing no responses.

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Adhoc Trainings on book Knowledge

We are always open to our clients requests on training and evaluation strategies so as to inform our credit advisers

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We love our team, we have stayed true to our course since inception due to this wonderful team.



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We value our clients and always ensure to provide excellent service.

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